Bringing Together Partners for Real-World Microgrid Deployment

Sustainable Microgrid Partnership (SMP) is an initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aimed at developing technology and conducting field studies to accelerate deployment of microgrids for rural electrification and resilience applications.

Our Platforms

Simple Electric Utility Platform (SEUP)

SEUP is an end-to-end microgrid solution with hardware/software interfaces and components necessary for augmenting emergent microgrids with communication, computing, and control (CCC) into full-fledged microgrids is presented. SEUP abstracts the details of sensing and CCC for the microgrid developers, installers, operators, and end-users to provide a seamless system.

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EnerGyan (pronounced /eːnər ɡiːˈɑːn/) is an energy education and research platform developed for high school, undergraduate and graduate students with focus on energy. It also serves as a research platform for scientists, energy engineers and researchers pursing advanced studies in power system, electronics, IoT, cyber-physical systems, and energy system etc.

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Home Energy Assurance Kit (HEAK)

HEAK is an energy assurance platform based on microgrid technology for powering critical infrastructure during outages. It is built around battery energy storage, solar panels, and a monitoring/control platform that provides a portal for external connection to electricity loads, generators, and phone-charging ports. It has the capacity to become a self-organizing electrical energy network with assured availability of power.