Morgridge Fellows

Graduate student Maitreyee Marathe was named a 2020-21 Morgridge Fellow for Community-Engaged Scholarship. She plans to use SEUP to develop resilient energy solutions for critical applications.

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Research from home during COVID-19

The SEUP powered portable electricity grid-in-a-box enables continued microgrid research from home as COVID-19 temporarily shuts down the lab.

SMP @ South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Researcher Ashray Manur presents “Sustainable Energy Solutions for Global Problems” for the Civil and Environmental Engineering guest lecture series.

SEUP Wins at the C3E Women in Clean Energy 2019

Graduate student Maitreyee Marathe presented a poster on an Intelligent Solar Home System powered by SEUP which was among the top 5 at the symposium’s poster competition

SMP @ Gender and Climate Change Workshop

Graduate student Maitreyee Marathe presents Health, Women, and Energy at the Gender and Climate Change Workshop, UW-Madison.

SEUP @ Sustain-A-Bash

Maitreyee Marathe and Ashray Manur setup a solar charging station for phones in partnership with the Wisconsin Energy Institute for the UW Sustain-A-Bash Event.

SEUP @ MREA Energy Fair

Researchers Raul Martin, Ashray Manur, and Thomas Nguyen showcased SEUP a the 31st Annual Energy Fair in Custer WI in June 2019. The fair brings over 10,000 attendees.

Microgrid India Field Work Phase 4

Researcher Ashray Manur worked with the microgrid team at National Institute of Engineering (led by Prof. Shamsundar Subbarao) to install 48V smart solar home systems in rural and urban homes.

Microgrid Assessment Trip

Researchers Ashray Manur and Maitreyee Marathe take a two week trip across India assessing microgrid installations in different region looking at various technical and socio-economic factors that lead to successful electrification projects.

EnerHack: UW-Madison’s First Energy Hackathon

SMP team led by Prof. Giri Venkataramanan organized UW-Madison’s first energy hackathon in April 2018 bringing together students from Business, Computer Science, and Engineering for hardware + software hacking weekend focused on energy.

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EnerGyan wins at NEST Contest

EnerGyan wins the third prize ($2000) at NEST (Nest for emerging technologies) contest 2018. NEST was organized by the Dept. of Computer Science along with support from the business accelerator Gener8tor.

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EnerGyan wins at WESC

EnerGyan wins at the Wisconsin Energy & Sustainability Challenge (WESC) 2018. Ashray Manur and David Sehloff win the $5000 Dvorak Energy Prize.

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EnerGyan @ MKE Maker Faire 2018

EnerGyan showcased at Milwaukee Maker Faire 2018 by David Sehloff and Ashray Manur. Maker Faire is often regarded as the greatest show (& Tell) on Earth for invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

EnerGyan @ Madison Maker Faire

EnerGyan was showcased at Madison Maker Faire 2018 by David Sehloff and Ashray Manur. EnerGyan is a programmable grid-in-a-box, a part of SMP’s Energy Education Initiative. It is powered by SEUP (Simple Electric Utility Platform) – the microgrid technology developed at UW-Madison. The changing power grid demands a change in energy education and EnerGyan meets these changing needs.

International Microgrid Bootcamp

Four students from National Institute of Engineering (NIE), India travel to UW-Madison in Dec 2018 for a 2 week intensive microgrid bootcamp.

Microgrid India Field Work Phase 3

UW-Madison students Ashray Manur, David Sehloff, and Alec Sivit traveled to India in 2017 to setup a microgrid that powers the building with solar panels and a biogas generator. They were assisted by Prof. Shamsundar Subbarao at NIE along with other students.

Undergraduate Summer Research

A team of 6 undergraduate students worked under the guidance of Prof. Giri Venkataramanan and then graduate student Ashray Manur in the summer of 2016 to develop the microgrid technology further and make it field ready.

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Microgrid India Field Work Phase 1

A collaboration between UW-Madison and the National Institute of Engineering – Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies(CREST), India opens doors to setting up a microgrid testbed and field deployments. Prof. Giri Venkataramanan and graduate students Lee Shaver and Ashray Manur traveled to India for the inaugural trip and setup a microgrid testbed at CREST in Dec 2015.